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Choosing the home and daycare languages for a baby in a trilingual environment – Parents Article

  Question Hello, and thank you for all the useful info on this website. My question is on how to approach raising a baby in a foreign country, exposing him to three languages, and if talking to him in my non-native language or not. I found many relevant discussions already, but none addressing our specific case. Both me and my wife are native Italian speakers. We just moved with our 3-month-old baby to Amsterdam, where Dutch is the local language,…

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How to change a situation where one parent feels left out in a multilingual family? – Parents Article

  Question Hello, My wife and I were ethnically Chinese, but she was mostly raised in Japan and considers her native language Japanese. Before we had our first child, we spoke a mix of Mandarin and English at home. While I have familiarity with Japanese (just catching keywords and such), I do not know the language well enough and unfortunately am not interested in learning. We now have two daughters and I was initially surprised when my wife started speaking…

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