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4-Year-Old Seems Fixated on Dark, Scary Scenarios – Parents Article

In this episode: A parent is perplexed that her 4-year-old continually engages her in made up stories where the protagonist is in physical danger, sick, “does a bad thing,” is mean, or had to call the police. While this mom believes her child’s interests are generally innocent, they’ve continued relentlessly for 6 months and she’s becoming exasperated. “Is this normal exploration?” she wonders. “How do we handle it?” Transcript of “4-Year-Old Seems Fixated on Dark, Scary Scenarios” Hi, this is…

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Drowning in Chaos (4 Parenting Lifelines) – Parents Article

In this episode: A parent writes that she’s overwhelmed since the arrival of her third child. While she used to manage a reasonable schedule that allowed for chores, self-care, and one-on-one time with her kids, now the older ones whine and scream and demand her attention. Any semblance of order in her day “has completely gone out the window.” She says her household is in chaos, her kids are miserable, and that she’s simply burnt out. “I don’t enjoy being…

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When Your Child Is Unkind (She Needs Your Help) – Parents Article

In this episode: Janet responds to the parent of two kids who overheard her 4.5 year old taunting another child in the park and wasn’t sure how to react to that sort of unkind behavior. On the one hand, she didn’t want to impose judgement on her daughter by scolding and lecturing. On the other, “I want to help coach her on being kind and a good human being.” She’s unsure of what to do to help foster these traits…

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