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National Adoption Week: Thursday – Foster Parents Article

We all overslept again today. This is getting to be a habit. As we arrived at Birdy’s nursery, she was shoving the last of a shortbread biscuit in her crumb-covered face. Top parenting. Not. She had some milk too. That doesn’t really make it better, I suppose.OB and I managed another morning at the table, mostly; working, mostly. That sentence only works because I completely count building Lego and K’Nex creations as working if you’re six years old. Colouring, and…

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National Adoption Week: Monday – Foster Parents Article

There will be a lot of talk during National Adoption Week; a lot of opinions and perspectives and events. As I wrote recently, talk can be a good thing, and yet for most people living adoption day to day, this week will be just another week.So here is ours. Monday I woke on my own in my bed for the first time in about three weeks. This was refreshing! The morning ran smoothly – Birdy off to nursery, OB with…

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Single Dad Days | Occupational Therapy (OT): Why Do So Many Children need it? – Single Dad, Parents Article

This article is borrowed from www.babble.com, with local input and images from SingleDadDays. A harsh reality I have come to learn about separate parenting is that one parent can’t parent for the other. It can be a bitter pill, especially when you see parenting behaviour directly contrary to what you believe are healthy values. I’m not talking physical abuse. In fact as long as the child is not being physically abused, a parent can pretty much do what he or…

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