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Instant Pot Cranberry Jelly Recipe – Parenting Twins Article

Try this instant pot cranberry jelly recipe to wow your family at the breakfast table this Christmas. It also makes a great gift! This instant pot cranberry jelly is going to knock your socks off! Nat made it at Thanksgiving and it was a hit with her whole family. Cranberry jelly is the perfect condiment to have around the kitchen at Christmas time. The sweetness of the jelly makes this a great spread on toast, English muffins, and other breads.…

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7 Steps to Host Your First Thanksgiving Dinner – Parenting Twins Article

Learn 7 steps to host your first Thanksgiving dinner for a large crowd, including tips for planning, shopping, decor, and dining. I remember hosting my first Thanksgiving dinner. My twins were a year and a half and my oldest just two years older. Oh, the stress I put myself through! What is it about cooking that turkey bird that sends the blood pressure and anxiety completely through the roof? What if I burn the bird, or worse, undercook it? I…

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Healthy Homemade Popsicles for Summer Snacking – Parenting Twins Article

Popsicles and hot summer days are the perfect match. My kids would eat a popsicle (or two!) every single day in the summer if I would let them. Even though it’s summertime, I still want to make sure I keep their nutrition in check. The sugar content in most store-bought popsicles is not something I can get behind for every day consumption! The best part about these three homemade popsicle recipes is that there is no added sugar. That way…

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