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Causes of Premature Birth and Preventive Measures – Parents Article

Why are some babies born early? Here we look at the possible Causes of Premature Birth as well as ways to prevent it in mothers who are at risk. As Moms-to-be enter the third trimester of their pregnancy, they start getting excited about meeting their new baby. Many of them even say, “How I wish I could meet my baby now!” While this is being said purely out of excitement, seriously speaking, that’s one thing Moms shouldn’t be wishing for!…

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10 Common Indian Baby Superstitions – Parents Article

Superstitions abound in Indian culture, no matter where you live! Here we look at 10 common Indian baby superstitions – are they myths or based on fact? Indians are no stranger to superstitions, whether it’s adding an extra letter to your name, running at the sight of a black cat or hanging strings of lemon and chillies. So it’s only natural that pregnancy and babies will have their own share of special superstitions! If you’re an Indian Mom or a…

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Embrace Late Motherhood – Benefits of Starting a Family After 30 – Parents Article

“When I was your age, I was bringing up both you and your younger sister” Blurted her mom to win the ‘Have a Baby Now’ argument once again. However, Vini and her husband had decided to wait for at least three years after their wedding to start a family. But since past one year, Vini was not able to handle the pressures from both sides of the family. She was not able to convince the elders that she was not…

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