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Spend Summer at Ease: Start with a Routine – Foster Parents Article

At the end of the school year, kids can be brimming with excitement – their thoughts wandering towards summer break as they sign each other’s yearbooks and daydream about their newfound freedom. The assignments and projects and homework has piled on for months, and it’s suddenly gone!  For some, there are lots of exciting activities to fill this void, but for foster youth things can be different. At the end of the school year resource parents might wonder: how do…

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Mindfulness for Foster Parents – embrella Blog – Foster Parents Article

Sometimes our day to day activities can feel like too much. From packing lunches to dropping the kids off at school to arriving at work on time, it often seems as though there isn’t a moment to breathe. But it’s when we have the least amount of time to pause that this pause matters the most.  Mindfulness practices allow us to cultivate space before we react to a stressor like our misplaced keys, a caseworker’s disagreeable statement, or our child…

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