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This mom gave birth in the car and her 10-year-old son’s video went viral – Parents Article

It’s a well-known fact that not every birth goes according to plan and the signs of labour can be different for everyone. Nevada mom Rudia Napier discovered this first-hand while en route to Henderson Hospital for her final checkup, when her labour came on fast and furious—in the car! Luckily, her 10-year-old son Jayden was on hand in the backseat with Napier’s other two kids to capture the wild moment on video, filming all of the astonishingly fast five-minute birth.…

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Life With 2 Kids – Rupert Approves – Parents Article

Life With 2 Kids There’s a reason it’s taken me 10 weeks to write this post. When Carter was a newborn I was oh-so-smug about churning out blog posts like confetti. It’s been a whole different ball game this time around. I took a whopping 29 days off before I went back to photography, shooting an 11 hour wedding when she was less than a month old. Not earning a full salary on maternity leaves means maternity leave is less cuddle…

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Introducing Piper Grey. Our Daughter. – Parents Article

I’m writing this from a very loved up cocoon. 13 days ago we met our precious daughter, Piper Grey. She was born via planned C section but came wide eyed and screaming into this world, just as I had hoped. She is perfection, All 3.42 kilograms and 50 cm of her. Just like her oder brother she was born with a mop of dark hair which I’m almost certain will, like his as well, fade, fall out, grow back blonde and then settle…

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