The Care and Keeping of Challenging Children – Parents Article

See our entire program HERE! The Care and Keeping of Challenging Children If you parent or care for a challenging child, nobody has to tell you how trying, frustrating and overwhelming it can be for you. You’re in the thick of it and face it, sometimes, on a daily basis. And the thing we may not stop to consider is that the children who trigger all of this in us are feeling exactly the same way!  The Price of Punishment …

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Angry, Worried Kids {Activities the Help} – Parents Article

For Early Childhood Angry, Worried Kids Helping kids cope with BIG feelings can be a REALLY BIG job. Having the best information, tools and strategies at your fingertips makes a world of difference. Translating the research into fun, usable activities that make a difference in the lives of kids is what we are known for…and we are happy to dish it all up in this new program for parents…those of you on the front lines, 24/7. In our 4-week, on-demand…

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