In 2019, physical restraint of disabled people is still a thing ~ Special needs disability parenting BLOOM – Parents Article

Illustration from Captive and invisibleBy Louise KinrossA couple of months ago I wrote down ‘physical restraint and seclusion’ as a story idea. But when I looked at it on the list, I kept hoping there would be a reprieve.  Instead, every time I went on social media there was a new horror story about disabled children and adults who were restrained, physically or verbally abused, or locked in a school isolation room, hospital, assessment unit or ‘care home’ for adults. …

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What Is It and How To Help Your Foster Child Be A Kid Again. — – Foster Parents Article

What does Parentified mean? When a child takes on the role and responsibilities of a parent, typically through functional and emotional caregiving, they are experiencing the process of parentification. Being a parentified child goes well beyond completing age appropriate chores or learning to provide comfort to others. Parentfication involves a child sacrificing their own needs of love, guidance, nurturing and attention, to care for their parent(s). Its a role reversal, in which, the child feels obligated to take on the…

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Let Them Have Their Feelings – Foster Parents Article

Let them have their feelings Just about a year ago, Mieshia Smith, a counselor with Child Crisis Arizona, began working with a 4-year-old girl who was having trouble forming attachments to her paternal grandmother who had formally adopted her. The girl was throwing fits when angry, yelling at her new adoptive mother and crying. Mieshia began working with both the child individually and the family weekly. Over time they learned that the girl responded better when there was less rushing…

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