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Best 8 Installations at Children’s Biennale 2019 for Kids with itchy fingers Cheekie Monkies – Parents Article

Media Invite Back for the second edition, the Children’s Biennale has opened at the National Gallery Singapore from now and will run all the way until 29 December 2019. This year’s exhibition is themed ‘Embracing Wonder’ and invites kids all all ages to experience a new dimension of creativity and open themselves up to wondrous surprises. We had a sneak peek at the various installations and let’s just say the kid in me couldn’t resist having a go too. 🤣…

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Children’s Biennale 2019, Singapore | Life’s Tiny Miracles – Parents Article

Website Top 5 Must-See Works and FAQs The Children’s Biennale returns this year with 11 larger-than-life art installations by esteemed Singaporean and Southeast Asian artists that are bound to enthuse kids and adults alike! This year’s installations are highly interactive and visitors will see 3 new works inspired by the visual culture and daily life of Singapore’s past. What we’ve always like about the Children’s Biennale is that all the installations are housed within the spacious National Art Gallery (weather-proof…

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