national adoption day

Foster to Adopt Stories – Adopting Siblings – Foster Parents Article

Many children in foster care that are waiting for adoption are sibling sets.  By adopting siblings from foster care, Jeremy and his wife, Sarah, ensured that three brothers would not be separated from each other. My wife, Sarah, and I have talked about adoption for the 26 years we have been together — her brother was adopted from South Korea. As a military family with constant moving between military bases, we didn’t think that we would have the stability to…

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This is pure joy in foster care. – Foster Parents Article

Guest post as part of our National Adoption Month series: Post by Sarah Harmeyer ____________________________________________________________________________________ Pure joy. There are moments like that in foster care. Moments your heart bursts with love and fullness. Moments the smile just won’t leave your face. It’s those moments, those soul-soaring gifts from our kiddos that we cherish long after the child leaves our arms. It was like that one night with one of mine.My new-to-speaking kiddo was having a tough day. When he’d first…

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