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It’s A Miracle! – Foster Parents Article

disclaimer: written in 2018 when I found out all this good news. AND be prepared for a series of belated updates I want to actually post on here for my own ‘recording it’ benefit. I cannot believe I’m actually writing this post. Is it really true? I’ve dreamed of the day and dreamed of how I would share the news….but now that my dream is a reality, I’m speechless! I feel like I’m in a daze and wonder when I…

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My Endo Story. Part II [the logistics] – Foster Parents Article

It all seemed to be happening kind of fast. I know it was God opening doors and not just incidental happenings! In short, January 13th is when I started chatting with my miracle friend. By January 31, I mailed in my 37 page case & they called and accepted it on February 27th. Had my ultrasound on March 2nd and surgery on March 26th!! It seemed like a super fast turn-around to me! Although I had been told it would…

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NIAW- Don’t Stay Stuck – Foster Parents Article

Oh many emotions today. I got a babysitter for the boys so I can catch up on some projects that need done. I came home n was hit square in the face with a QUIET house. Normally I would love and appreciate this, but with NIAW going on, I’ve been thinking about how infertility has affected us. And the feelings all came rushing back. The quiet. The lonely. The long days. The sadness. The hopelessness. The feeling like time…

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