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Starting School! A ramble | We Have Twins?! – Parenting Twins Article

Our boys will begin kindergarten this week. I think I need to say that again because even though I’ve said it a lot in the last few months, the gravity of the idea still hasn’t quite sunk in. (Hence the wandering mess that I’m sharing with you here.) E and M are starting school this week. They will be in kindergarten. They will be real students in a real school. I started this post on Sunday. The ultimate Sunday–the last…

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The Secret #11 Most Surprising Thing I Learned My First Year as a Mother – Parenting Twins Article

I never really posted about it, or even mentioned it to anyone in real life, but I was really nervous, even a little terrified, of having these babies. Partly because holy shit twins, and because I’d never had my own babies before, so I was scared of how hard it would be and what life would suddenly be like. But I realize now that I was also scared because I didn’t know *who* I would be. I thought I’d magically…

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