Week 1 of Coronavirus Lockdown – Parenting Twins Article

The UK has been on “lockdown” to protect it’s citizens from Covid-19 (caused by Coronavirus) for over a week now. My family have been in isolation for much longer. For us, week 3 is drawing to a close (week 4 for Bear). Let me explain… A Cough and a Fever Four weeks ago, Bear was struck down with an almighty fever, exhaustion and a cough, for five days. We called his preschool and let his toddler club know, that we…

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A letter to my Baby Bear on his 3rd Birthday! – Parenting Twins Article

So I’m a few weeks late posting this, due a technical glitch but, I wrote this on his birthday! My beautiful baby Bear, I can’t believe you are THREE already! How can you be three years old so soon? It’s your 3rd birthday but it feels like such a short time ago that I woke Daddy up at 4am to tell him you were on your way to meet us. I’ve never seen Daddy more excited than he was in…

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