Breathe – A Dad trying to cope with the loss of his Partner and becoming a single parent. – Single Dad, Parents Article

It’s Sunday so it’s time for a bit of Switzerland. The Alps are one of the worlds greatest mountain ranges. Certainly not the tallest but they are big enough. Especially when you get close up to them. But what they do have is a magic. A special atmosphere. A place where it’s still possible to feel small. Humble in the face of nature. A place where you feel a million miles from our vast urban sprawls. Somewhere you can reconnect…

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Dear Assholes of the Mountain, – Single Mum, Parents Article

While I believe there are many assholes of the mountain, I am only going to focus on a few. I don’t have time to write a book… maybe I should write a book? I preach the gospel of spending time in nature. I am the for most advocate of getting your kids outside and having epic adventures with them. But, let’s be smart people. In the heart of Phoenix we have Camelback Mountain. Per Strava, it is 2.2 miles round trip with…

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My Revenge Body | Seven Wild And Free – Single Mum, Parents Article

Apparently that’s a thing? I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on how in shape I am lately. True to what we are taught as young girls I was struggling with taking the compliments. I would qualify it “yeah I mean, I could still lose some here”, but slowly and with practice I’ve started to simply say “thank you”. This is by far the best running shape I have been in in years, and I am very happy with how…

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