Mothers’ Day

Nurture Yourself To Nurture Your Family – Parents Article

Nurture Yourself To Nurture Your Family Why is it that our favorite TV shows and movies love to portray Mother’s Day as this glorious day where moms get to sleep in, eat breakfast in bed, and are showered with gifts and affection? The reality is that you’ve already been up since 5 AM with a sleepless newborn, your toddler needs his 300th cup of milk, and your 10-year old insists that 8 AM is the perfect time of day to make…

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Exercise A Great Family Connector, Stress Fighter – Parents Article

Warmup provided by Jazzercise Eugene at last year’s Mother’s Day 5K. Exercise a Great Family Connector, Stress Fighter This article appeared in the April 29, 2019 edition of the Register-Guard. Let’s be honest. Pregnancy is hard on the body and postpartum hormones are hard on the mind. As we try to navigate these changes, we are also charged with caring for a newborn baby, sleep deprivation, and all the other demands of being a parent. How can we continue to…

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