Mother of Twins

Well, Poke You, Too! – millennial mommy – Parenting Twins Article

It’s no secret that toddlers are a pain in the ass. They’re demanding, emotional, and full of energy that is unobtainable for thirty-something parents. If we’re lucky, a couple of coffees can fuel us just long enough to chase them around the yard for two laps before our everything hurts. Raising two toddlers at once – while also being in close proximity to a third – is no easy feat. If you thought the newborn stage was rough on us,…

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Featured Twin Blogger – Amanda’s Great Idea! – Multiples and More – Parenting Twins Article

This week we welcome Amanda, mom to twin girls and blogger over at Amanda’s Great Idea.  Enjoy her story as she shares how she announced her twin pregnancy to her family!!   Finding out we are having Twins! My husband and I are only children, so imagine our surprise when we found out we were having twins! When discussing our family planning hopes and dreams, my husband was pretty set on just having one child. We both had great only children experiences;…

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