monoamniotic twin inpatient stay

Monoamniotic Twins: Our Babies Without Borders – Parenting Twins Article

 Our Babies Without BordersBelladonna Marie and Blaize Andromeda       On September 9th I was watching a rather gory movie “Parana” and all of a sudden began to crave a sugar cookie so badly I could smell it! I then remembered how sensitive and sore my breasts had been the past few days and all of a sudden it hit me…. I must be pregnant. The next morning in pajamas and all, I went to the store with my husband…

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Monoamniotic Twins: 31 Ultrasounds Later… – Parenting Twins Article

      I have always loved babies, and so I was thrilled when, after 6 years together, my husband agreed we were ready to have one of our own!        After a fairly uneventful pregnancy, and a fast but fantastic water birth, we were blessed with a beautiful boy – Hudson.  A delicious, fun-loving, bright, adventurous child – and thus a good advertisement to sell hubby on the idea of having more! I promptly started to hint that another child…

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