Money Saving Tips

Discover Your Money Habits With These Free Quizzes. – Single Mum, Parents Article

How well do you know your money habits? Sometimes, we tend to either inflate or underestimate our knowledge for a variety of reasons. Knowing one’s own money habits sounds simple enough. It’s a common knowledge that saving money is good and spending money isn’t. However, money habits don’t often translate quite as smoothly from theory into practice. According to a financial psychologist Brad Klontz, our financial habits develop quietly early in life and are predominantly affected by money beliefs and habits of our parents…

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Top Countries Where Being A Mom Is Financially Rewarding – Single Mum, Parents Article

Aren’t you curious if being a mother and raising a child is easier in some places? I know I am! Even if I will never live in one of the best countries where being a mom is financially rewarding, it’s good to know where to go if the opportunity arises. A great majority of moms who read this blog come from all over the world and it would be great to get some personal feedback on this topic. There is…

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8 Proven Ways To Save Money At Home – Single Mum, Parents Article

As mothers, we spend quite a bit of time with our children at home. It makes a lot of sense then to use proven ways to save money at home. This will help you save extra cash to build your emergency fund or investments. Whether you are an outdoorsy or homebody mom, your household bills are likely to eat up a good chunk of your monthly budget. Even if you could save $50-100 a month, that’s money you can put in your…

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