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I’m 60, Still Single And Made BIG Mistakes – Single Mum, Parents Article

I wrote an article earlier about being a single mom 20 years later and how one can survive, called “15 Insights from a Veteran Single Mom” that was posted on this site in January. I wrote it because I wasn’t seeing that kind of perspective and wanted to share with others that are new to the journey, with a message that you can indeed survive. You can even thrive as well. But it may cost you as it has me.…

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10 Tips For Protecting Your Credit During Divorce · Divorced Moms – Single Mum, Parents Article

  Divorce isn’t pleasant for either party. While dealing with the emotions surrounding the divorce, the idea of entering the dating scene again, or starting a new life as a single person, financial issues can seem like an even larger problem to manage. Don’t let finances be overlooked as you handle the relationship aspects of the divorce. When you separate or divorce your spouse, you need to protect your money and financial future as soon as possible. Here are actionable…

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How I Got My Financial House In Order After An Unwanted Divorce · Divorced Moms – Single Mum, Parents Article

  Tax time. As I dropped by the post office to get the right postage for the thick packet of homework to send to my accountant, I smiled to myself, confident that I had my financial house in order. It brought back memories of all the effort it took to dig a new foundation years ago, after my divorce. I no longer get weak-kneed and shaky thinking about those months leading to the divorce. The request for a divorce came…

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