momo twins

Monoamniotic Twins: Mya and Lyla’s Story – Parenting Twins Article

     We found out we were expecting early June. I scheduled a doctor’s appointment for the next week hoping to find out how far along I was, that is not all we found out! While getting my first ultrasound the woman played the baby’s heartbeat, she kept staring at the screen not saying any words so I asked if that is indeed the heartbeat. She told me yes it is…and here is the other one. I began laughing while…

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Triplets with a Momo Pair – Parenting Twins Article

In November 2012 my husband and I decided to try for our second baby. Our daughter McKenna was almost 4 and really wanted a baby brother or sister. She prayed everyday to God to put a baby in my belly. In march 2013 her prayers were answered. We received our positive pregnancy test. I was 4 weeks pregnant and immediately started my prenatal care. McKenna was overjoyed and started praying daily for twin girls. She named the babies she prayed…

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Quadruplets with a Momo Pair – Parenting Twins Article

**The following entries are taken with permission from  Please visit that blog for updates on the family as well as frugal living, faith journey, family-friendly foods, and finding joy in the every day!*** On February 2, 2007, we became parents to quadruplet boys: Henry, Brooks, Clark, and Isaac. Originally, this blog started as a way to keep family and friends on board with updates and prayer requests during our extreme high-risk pregnancy. Since then, it has… This is only…

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