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Mommy Delicious: 4.0 and Running Goals – Single Mum, Parents Article

I’m officially a runner, y’all! A couple of weeks ago, HEB and I ran the Al Gordon Brooklyn 4M race with the NYRR and I was able to check off one of my 2019 goals that I didn’t even know I had! Even though it was pretty cold that day and I had to wake up pretty early to get to Prospect Park, I’m happy that I did the race. At the gym, I’ve been running 4 miles in roughly…

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Spring Breaking in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale – Single Mum, Parents Article

I’m not a Winter person. In fact, I hate the cold weather with a passion. I tolerate in during the holidays, but I’m literally ready for warmer temps as soon as it hits January 2nd. Which makes Winter really, really brutal for me.Also, seasonal depression is a real thing. A couple weeks ago, I was so over Winter that I booked a fairly last-minute trip to Florida for the boys and me. I just needed a few days of sunshine…

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