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TO MY PRESCHOOL GRADUATE | MOM SOLO – Single Mum, Parents Article

This is your first of many graduation days. Change is hard. It’s hard to leave and say goodbyes and hard to know that nothing will be the same. We always hope for the next step to be even better than the one we left – but as a woman who has lived a while, I will tell you that sometimes it is not. I’ve tried to cherish every moment of your preschool. I’ve forsaken most of everything to be there.…

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I BREAKED UP WITH HER – Single Mum, Parents Article

I found a lovely drawing in Spense’s school bag; a girl and boy holding hands with hearts all around them. “This is so sweet, Spense. Who is it from?” “Oh, I don’t want that any more.” “Why?” “Because it’s from Ellie. And I breaked up with her.” “Why did you break up with her?” “Because Sam is back. And he’s my best friend.” Sam had been out of town for a while. “So you can’t have a best friend and…

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