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My Kids Hate hiking | Seven Wild And Free – Single Mum, Parents Article

It’s that time of year again! My kids and I head out on some awesome Mommy and kid adventures: me smiling from ear to ear with pride, them skipping their way up mountains all day. I mean, that is what my social media shows after all! And for some reason that was what  I was expecting… I have two tweens, and they happen to be two of my most opinionated children I own. Apparently they thought going to Silverton Colorado…

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When you make a promise… – Single Mum, Parents Article

My children are trying to marry me off… Tea (11) “you promised me you were going to get married Tajh (13) “We have a list” And they proceeded to give me the list. On it is a loud, foul mouthed “older” gentleman. My friend, a partner in crime, one of their favorite people. Not someone looking for a wife and 6 kids, someone looking to be free, and drunk. Another friend of a friend made the list. Not someone who…

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