Can I Really Help My Adopted Child? Or Are Genes More Important Than Environment? – Foster Parents Article

We have all heard that “know it all” parent say under their breath, “If that were my child they wouldn’t act like that.” You may hear it at the park, at school functions, and even at church. Every day, parents of children with behavior problems, may ask themselves, “Am I the right parent for this child? If my child were being raised in a different home, would their behavior be different?” As an adoptive parent, I must admit that I…

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A Mindful Parenting Moment for Challenging Times – Parents Article

Mindful Parenting Moments for Challenging Times Challenging times. We all have them. Every. Single. One. Of. Us. I know this as truth from the sheer fact that we are all human. No exceptions. Period. So, since we’re all going to have rough patches, we might as well find something we can do to lessen their length, as well as their impact upon us. Two Minutes to Calm Here’s a two minute video excerpted from The Joyful Parent 4-week Online Course.…

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