Miracle Pregnancy

our journey to a baby bump: “Your baby looks wonderful” – Parenting Twins Article

Those are some pretty strong words for someone coming from the infertility depths in which I’ve been. But that’s what she said after my first NST (nonstress test) this morning. “Your baby looks wonderful”. I feel like everyone is waiting for a complication. A blip in this otherwise seemingly great pregnancy. Other than aches and pains, which I would gladly suffer through for as long as it takes, this pregnancy really has been, well, normal. Other than the constant monitoring,…

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our journey to a baby bump: My little girl – Parenting Twins Article

I haven’t posted a ton about my pregnancy. I guess life has been so focused on the boys at this point, that most everything revolves around them. I take care of myself and I’m enjoying the pregnancy as much as I can, but they are here smiling at me every single day, so it’s hard not to talk about them, them and well, more of them. So…here’s a bit of an update on HER. Her name is Liddy Rose. We…

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