A Weird Way to Live Your Life – Single Dad, Parents Article

Are you weird? Hopefully. Feeling average and want to be weird? Here’s a weird way to live your life: as a minimalist traveler. The best part of a life of travel is that it teaches you the value of minimalism. Why is that the best part? Because it helps you reduce your carbon footprint, free your mind, and live in a way that is more connected to reality.  I’m a full-blooded American.  You know, in the way that my mom’s…

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5 Gift-Experience Presents They’ll Never Forget – Parents Article

0 Give A Gift-Experience You may still be dizzy from sugar overload after Halloween, but sober up, dear! It’s time to talk presents, especially one that will last a lifetime: the gift-experience.  Because there’s no escaping the fact that the gift-giving holidays are right around the corner. At our house, we’ve been receiving holiday-themed catalogs for weeks, and trust me, it hasn’t gone unnoticed by the littlest members of the family. You know the drill: while they’re busy…

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