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Babi a Fi: Mini Mart: Feel Toys – Parents Article

Supplier: Feel ToysWebsite: feeltoys.coProducts:Feel Toys are a Chinese company specialising in ‘sexy’ outfits and shoes for female action figures, particularly the Phicen TBLeague seamless variety. I’d never really paid them any attention before because, well, there is no shortage of 1/6 scale shoe makers and I’d never needed to. But. Over the last couple of years ever more action figure companies, including Phicen, have been dipping their toe into the world of 1/12 which means a) doll house hobbyists can finally get realistic…

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Babi a Fi: Mini Mart: Mini Bazar UK – Parents Article

Supplier: MiniBazarUKWebsite: Ebay Store. Products: If there’s a type of miniature I can never resist, it’s books, magazines, comics, and other ephemera. I must have tried out almost every supplier in the UK by this point, and quite a few from further afield! These caught my eye a while ago and I kept telling myself I did not need more 1/12 scale comics. But these are thread bound. And retro. And I’d never seen The Phantom in miniature before… So, I…

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