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The 2,000 Reasons I’m Glad I Didn’t Die Last Night – Single Dad, Parents Article

(Image/Aron Visuals) There haven’t been many days when I’ve wanted to die. Maybe zero. I felt really bad for a long time after my marriage ended, and I sort of stopped caring. I figured being dead might hurt less. A little boy and you guys gave me reasons to dust myself off and keep trying every day. There aren’t many days when I actually thought that I was going to die, even though I’ve probably almost died a bunch of…

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Mental Illness and Mass Shootings: The Facts – Parents Article

Mental Illness and Mass Shootings: One thought, one part of the equation…and the Facts Preface: The following sentiments were shared by me on social media, as I watched the horror of  the Parkland Schools shooting unfold. (I’ve written many times on helping kids deal with tragedies. Here is one such writing specific for school tragedies.) The visceral reaction was equal to what I’ve experienced each and every time I’ve seen the breaking news about similar such situations. First, my heart…

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My Mental Illness is Unique – Single Mum, Parents Article

CoCo And Twins: My Mental Illness is Unique My Mental Illness is Unique MY Mental Illness Is MINE. At times I am so angry that people can not understand what I am going through each and every day. Occasionally I realize I don’t even understand what my depression and anxiety does to my mood. You might not fully grasp what it feels like – but you can read my account of the last few days and see life from my…

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