Medically Fragile

No, He Won’t Get Better – Parents Article

Do you have those classic questions that people have been asking you over and over again since your unique parenting journey began? You know the ones I mean. That same thing or two you’ve heard people inquire year after year after year? I know that I have heard one relentless question since the day my son was first diagnosed with Hemophilia A – Severe 18 years ago — “Will he ever get better?” Somehow I think people just want their own…

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Your Body, Not Your Fault – Parents Article

Every Tuesday night (except for when I have a good excuse not to) I drag myself over to the YMCA for cycle class. It’s not an ideal time, but it’s a rare hour after dinner, and after one kid is in bed, that I can squeeze in a workout thanks to my supportive husband. Not only is it not an ideal time, but I don’t exactly love the instructor’s style. The music isn’t that great and he yells a LOT…

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