Maternity leave

Tips on Going Back to Work After Maternity Leave – Parenting Twins Article

There’s nothing so great like maternity leave. You’ll probably never have a time like it again. It’s probably going to be the only period in your life where it’s completely okay to stay at home with your baby and simply bond.  For many women, it’s the most precious time in their child’s life, and so when it ends, it can cause havoc in a family. It’s not just the emotional aspect, but also it is undoubtedly nerve-racking to have to…

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The most loyal employees ever are working moms with good bosses – Parents Article

In the decade since I first became a mom, I’ve had good bosses, bad bosses and a few halfway in between. The bad bosses scared me because I’m a single mom and I have mouths to feed and limits on how much work I can do. The halfway ones left me wary because I was never sure where I stood. And the good ones? They have had my undying loyalty every time because anyone who appreciates a working mom gets…

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