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Your Marriage is Worth the Investment – Parenting Twins Article

It’s not always the big things that destroy a relationship, but the little things that build up over time. This is why I believe your marriage is worth the investment. Think about it: we do absolutely everything we can to take care our ourselves. We try to take care of our health. We try to take care of life after death through life insurance. Anything we can do to make our life richer and better, we go for. Yet often…

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Our Anniversary Trip to Tennessee! – Parenting Twins Article

Every year my husband and I get the wonderful opportunity to take an anniversary trip together (thanks Mom!) and this year we decided to go to Nashville, Tennessee! I had the chance to spend a day in Nashville with one of my BFF’s when I was helping her move halfway across the country to Texas. When I visited for a day, I KNEW it was a place Jose and I had to visit together! We have no regrets as it…

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