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40 Stunning Eid Mehendi Design And Patterns | Indian Parenting & Motherhood Blogger – Parents Article

by Tasneem Dhinojwala The holy month of Ramadan is about to end. Preparations are in full swing for Eid. Homes and hearts have been cleaned spick and span, new clothes, jewelry, gifts for near and dear ones, ingredients for the sewai and sheerkhurma, masalas for the biryani and kebabs –  the to-do list is being ticked off one by one. The last thing that will remain is the mehendi. Mehendi is considered extremely auspicious in muslim culture. It is an…

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Skin Pranayam For Busy Moms | Indian Parenting & Motherhood Blogger – Parents Article

by Swati Mehra Let me let you in on a beauty secret! I have discovered an ultimate skin pranayam regime for myself all you busy moms out there. Read on and follow my suggestions! Mom life is a busy life. That ‘me time’ that you need can easily be hijacked by those little eyes demanding some attention and those little arms wrapped around you for some comfort. You would never complain, but finding time to take care of yourself as…

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