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Single Parent Travel: What, Who, Why, How – Single Dad, Parents Article

I’m surprised you’re looking up single parent travel. Are you interested in trying it for yourself? Or are you a keyboard warrior prowling for bloggers to harass about how traveling with young kids is unsustainable and not good for their stability? However you found this post, I’m glad you’re here. Trolls feel free to leave comments below, I’ll give you some hugs, it’s clear you need it.  We could all talk a little more about single parent travel. And we…

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The Best Way to Make Money from a Blog: Invest in Yourself – Single Dad, Parents Article

So you started a blog knowing that it’s a great way to make money these days; you check your accounts and…nothing? If you haven’t started a blog yet and you’d like to know how, check out this helpful article I put together to compliment this article.  Are you wondering how to make money from your blog fast? Well, it takes time.  But there are plenty of ways to make considerable money from a blog.  How to Monetize Your Blog for…

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