Disneyland as a Single Parent – Single Dad, Parents Article

Disneyland as a single parent is a pretty daunting prospect and there are probably lots of things going through your mind prior to booking it.  Can I do it on my own? Where do I stay? Will I be able to do everything? And more.  This article explores all of these things and will also give some handy hints and money-saving tips along the way. Firstly, I have not long returned from a 4 night and 5 day trip to…

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He Knows – Single Mom Unschooling – Single Mum, Parents Article

Santa Claus and the tooth fairy have recently died. Who knows who’s next. My son and I are okay with this. He asks honest questions and I give honest answers. He knows this. So, I know he was ready when he asked. Funny thing about our society. I never told him these things exist. Yes, there were presents under the tree on Christmas morning. Yes, there was a shiny coin under his pillow after a lost tooth. I played along…

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