Loving your child

One Chance To Say I Love You – Single Dad, Parents Article

It’s weird staring into a blank screen, hoping for words to jump on the page.  And yet, they do not seem to come.  All I want to do is give my daughter the biggest hug today and let her know I love her.  But she’s a teen.  And hugging went out the door some time ago.  I just wish I could get it back.  Why?  My co-worker’s son lost his life today in a senseless act of violence as he…

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On Fatherhood…… | Lynda discusses multiple birth – Parenting Twins Article

Posted on June 17, 2018. Filed under: Multiple Birth, Quadruplets, quintuplets, raising multiples, Triplets, Twins, Uncategorized | Tags: fatherhood, Forgiveness, Hayden Carruth, Loving your child, Loving your children, on becoming a father, Testament | How becoming a father taught me how to be a son In that empty operating room, I came to understand that nothing in my daughter’s life would impact her more than the quality of my love Published June 17, 2018, The Globe and Mail Mark Sakamoto…

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