Los Angeles

Beach Biking-Southern California – Full Time Baby – Parents Article

Ideas for a weekend in Los Angeles?These days, my favorite weekend activity is biking up the coast. It’ s mostly easy and flat, but you can soak in the sun, taste the salty air mixed with sunscreen, look into the gorgeous and mostly empty houses on the strand, and enjoy the ocean breeze.  After biking 20 miles round trip, even with food breaks in between, I can call it a workout.The 20 mile coastline bike path starts down in Hermosa Beach on…

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USC sisters advocate foster youth – Foster Parents Article

For twin sisters Carmen and Lucero Noyola, there is no denying the importance of education in their lives. Juggling packed schedules as single moms, workers and USC students, the pair is on a mission to make higher education more accessible to foster youth like themselves.Working with Jesse Aguiar, the director of the Beyond Foster Care program of Journey House, Carmen and Lucero have passed two bills to assist foster youth throughout the college process.In Fall 2016, Lucero and Aguiar were…

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