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Giveaway – Win Four Tickets to PBS’s Wild Kratt’s Live – Parenting Twins Article

Lila is six years old now and we’re officially living in the land of a million questions. Our curious girl wants to know all about the world around her! Some recent questions include: “What would happen if there was no ozone?” “If the world spins on it’s axis, why don’t things look flipped at the end of the day?” “Why do butterflies fly in circles around each other? Does that mean they like each other” Most of her questions are…

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Giveaway! Win Four Free Tickets to Cirque du Soleil in Toledo – Parenting Twins Article

One of the things I love doing with Lila is taking her to see shows. Whether its a big professional performance, or a small jr. high production of Annie Jr., I love sharing my love of theater with her. She already is quite the little actress too! It seems like she’s constantly singing to herself or acting out some skit. One show coming up that I’m excited to take her to is Cirque du Soleil’s new show OVO, coming to the Huntington…

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