Living on one income

How do single mothers survive financially? – Single Mum, Parents Article

If you’re a single mother, you don’t need me to tell you about the daily financial grind. Bringing up a family with no income or just one income is hard. Therefore, it’s a fair question to ask: How do single mothers survive financially? Let me start by telling you that it IS possible. Not only will you survive financially but you will come out the other side with a knowledge and understanding that will see you financially thriving in the…

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Money saving tips for single mums – Single Mum, Parents Article

One of the biggest challenges of being a single mum is the financial impact. Even so, it can be the last thing on your mind as you navigate the murky waters of a break-up. For many (myself included) it’s not until later that the financial implications hit home. And then we need all the money saving tips we can find! According to a survey by Raising Children, single mums have 47% less disposable income than coupled families. Mildly worrying? Or…

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How to recover financially after your divorce or separation – Single Mum, Parents Article

In marriage, sometimes divorce is the best option. Whether the divorce stemmed from infidelities, financial problems or just falling out of love with each other, the process is still hard. If the divorce is due to financial problems in the marriage, then it can get pretty ugly. One of the first adjustments you’ll have to get acquainted with is living off one income again. This could be quite difficult if your spouse was the breadwinner in the family and you…

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