National Young Readers Week – Joyful Reliance, Resourceful Moxie – Single Mum, Parents Article

Today is the start of National Young Readers Week for 2019. It’s an annual event held during the second week of November to raise awareness about the benefits of reading. This week promotes literacy for children of all ages, and shows them the importance of reading. The effects of greater literacy stay with us our whole lives, and are a skill benefiting us as long as we live.National Young Readers Week was created in 1989 by The Library of Congress…

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How to support a bilingual child with dyslexia? – Parents Article

  Hello, Can you please advise us on the following with regards to a 7-year-old? The boy’s mother is Australian, the father who he visits is Australian. His step father is from Pakistan and speaks Urdu, English and Arabic. The boy has been to Arabic Maktab but was not able to get past the first page after many weeks. Later the Public School got him tested as he was struggling at school and found out he is dyslexic.  The majority in…

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