Think Big: What 2020 Could Hold – Foster Parents Article

2020 is less than a day away! Even with the new decade rapidly approaching, there’s still time this year to make a big difference in the coming year. From now until midnight on Tuesday, December 31, your gift to Lifesong is matched up to $1,000,000.   MATCH MY GIFT!   What would hitting the $1,000,000 match mean for children in 2020?   FOR ADOPTION… 500 more families—like the Tubergens—being one step closer to adoption with help from Lifesong financial assistance. In…

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It Was Instant Love – Lifesong for Orphans – Foster Parents Article

Love at first sight. It’s the stuff of fairy tales and romantic comedies… right? Believe in it or not, nearly all parents talk about this feeling. When their son or daughter is born, many birth parents mention the instant love they had for their child. And the same often holds true for adoptive parents upon seeing their son or daughter for the first time. It was certainly the case for William and Paige, who met their daughter less than 24…

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Reaching the Fatherless Among the Unreached – Foster Parents Article

There are orphans in every country and every people group around the world. The fatherless are in our communities, and the fatherless are often among the unreached.   Who are the unreached? According to the Joshua Project, an unreached people group is one in which there is no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize that people group. Three of the countries in which Lifesong serves are overwhelmingly unreached: Cambodia (*99.3%), India (*96%), and Thailand…

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