What if Abortion became Illegal? – Foster Parents Article

  Several years ago, when videos of Planned Parenthood selling baby parts went viral, I wrote the below post, after contemplating “what ifs” related to abortion. I asked myself the following questions: What if abortion became illegal in the U.S. tomorrow? What would I do? How would I respond? Now, as Alabama has passed the toughest abortion law in the nation, and other states have already passed similar ones, this contemplation is becoming more of a reality, and this post becomes even more…

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Prayers for Our Families in View of Biblical Suffering  – Foster Parents Article

In response to numerous issues of spiritual warfare that has been occurring with staff and prospective adoptive parents, a call to prayer was issued for Lifeline Children’s Services staff. As an overflow of this prayer time, Herbie Newell, President and Executive Director of Lifeline wanted to encourage families through Scripture and to offer prayer for them as they navigate the challenging waters of adoption. The following has been adapted from the April 24th, 2019 episode of The Defender Podcast.  Thinking Biblically about Suffering  Much in…

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