Life Story

Story-Telling, Letter-Writing – Foster Parents Article

When you adopt a child, there’s a lot said about ‘life story work’ which is, basically, an economical term for describing the lifelong process of helping an adopted child understand their past and their present, and why things have happened as they have. OB has never really been interested in his life story. I feel strangely guilty about that, as if it’s somehow a failure on my part to make the whole life story thing interesting and worthwhile. The prevailing…

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In defence of a pause before the Intros Storm – Foster Parents Article

Is it just me, or are adoptions speeding up? I know there’s always been the rhetoric about children languishing in foster care, waiting for a loving family (thanks for that!), and some very laggy aspects seem to have been tightened up, probably to everyone’s benefit, but recently I’ve noticed that a lot of prospective adopters are beginning intros within a few days of matching panel.It seems precipitous to me.I’m an adopter too, so, although I fostered my children and had…

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Meeting our Adopted Children’s Siblings – Foster Parents Article

This guest post comes from an adoptive parent who needs to remain anonymous. If you follow a few adoption blogs, you may already have seen this elsewhere – the author wishes to share it as widely as possible in the hope that other adoptive parents can benefit from their experience. I am more than happy to support their wish. I need to get this out of my system, but I am doing it anonymously, as there are so many risks…

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