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You Are Fabulous – Single Mom Unschooling – Single Mum, Parents Article

Dear checker, Thank you for boldly being your unique self. My son needs to see as many people like you as he can. I chose your line on purpose. It wasn’t because you had less people waiting. It was because you were you. You were a handsome young man wearing a stunning amount of makeup. See, I have a son who asked for 50 pounds of makeup for Christmas. He’s already bought some and hesitantly worn it at times. But…

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Last Camping Trip of the Season – Single Mom Unschooling – Single Mum, Parents Article

We have a standing yearly camping trip every Labor Day weekend with friends. They’re so close, we feel like family. Their children consider B a cousin. It’s a lovely tradition. Watching our children, their three and my one, grow and change every year is my favorite part. We’ve done this several years and it becomes less labor intensive and more relaxing each time. The children have matured and have more freedom/ autonomy. B has always enjoyed fishing at this campground.…

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He Knows – Single Mom Unschooling – Single Mum, Parents Article

Santa Claus and the tooth fairy have recently died. Who knows who’s next. My son and I are okay with this. He asks honest questions and I give honest answers. He knows this. So, I know he was ready when he asked. Funny thing about our society. I never told him these things exist. Yes, there were presents under the tree on Christmas morning. Yes, there was a shiny coin under his pillow after a lost tooth. I played along…

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