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What’s been going on lately? 2019 so far – Parenting Twins Article

So, I’ve been pretty absent on my blog and YouTube recently. I doubt anyone has particularly noticed but I have! So why haven’t I been feeling it much recently? Well I guess the main reason is because this has always been a passion project for me – something I have loved to do and really enjoyed. But over the last few months I just haven’t been feeling passionate or motivated about pretty much anything. You may have read a few…

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In therapy? – Parenting Twins Article

I’ve thought a lot about whether I want to share this. At this point its only going on my blog, not social media. Its mainly because I don’t have a huge readership on my blog so I feel I can be a bit more candid. On Saturday, I had my first counselling session. Recently, life has been a bit overwhelming for me. I’ve struggled to see a way out, a light at the end of the tunnel. I have been…

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How giving up chocolate has got my 2019 off to the best start – Parenting Twins Article

I am a chocolate lover. I have always been a chocolate lover and I always will be! However, towards the end of last year I started to realise that my love of chocolate was becoming a bit of a problem for me. Chocolate became my go to for pretty much every emotion that I faced. The last few months of 2018 were quite tough for me and I pretty much self medicated with chocolate. If I was feeling low, I…

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