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The Bicentennial Experience – Tips and Review – Parents Article

What is it? Watch our highlights from the Time Traveller Exhibit. The Bicentennial Experience is an immersive multi-media sensory experience that is done in 2 parts at Fort Canning Rise, as part of commemorating Singapore’s bicentennial since it’s inception as early as 1299 as a trading port. Part of the Time Traveller Experience – Source: https://www.bicentennial.sg/the-bicentennial-experience/ First part of the experience is named the Time Traveller, which consists of indoor-based multi-media experience in 5 parts that takes the viewer across…

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5 Reasons Why We Love the Safari Zoo Run – Parents Article

Highlights of the Safari Zoo Run 2019! “Come on, hurry Children, let’s go!” I hollered at the kids at the end of our run when the good folks at the venue were starting to pack up. Yes, the kids were reluctant to leave even as the midday sun beat down on us after having completed 2019’s Safari Zoo Run! Despite a one-year gap (last year I was recuperating from my cancer op), the Safari Zoo Run is still our family’s…

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