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The Bicentennial Experience – Tips and Review – Parents Article

What is it? Watch our highlights from the Time Traveller Exhibit. The Bicentennial Experience is an immersive multi-media sensory experience that is done in 2 parts at Fort Canning Rise, as part of commemorating Singapore’s bicentennial since it’s inception as early as 1299 as a trading port. Part of the Time Traveller Experience – Source: https://www.bicentennial.sg/the-bicentennial-experience/ First part of the experience is named the Time Traveller, which consists of indoor-based multi-media experience in 5 parts that takes the viewer across…

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Children’s Biennale 2019, Singapore | Life’s Tiny Miracles – Parents Article

Website Top 5 Must-See Works and FAQs The Children’s Biennale returns this year with 11 larger-than-life art installations by esteemed Singaporean and Southeast Asian artists that are bound to enthuse kids and adults alike! This year’s installations are highly interactive and visitors will see 3 new works inspired by the visual culture and daily life of Singapore’s past. What we’ve always like about the Children’s Biennale is that all the installations are housed within the spacious National Art Gallery (weather-proof…

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BALIKSG App: Experience Singapore’s Past with AR – Parents Article

Go Back to Singapore’s Past through Augmented Reality (AR) App Children these days know more about coding than Singapore’s history. Instead of solely relying on subjects like Social Studies and History to teach them about Singapore’s heritage, we feel more can be done to help our youths appreciate Singapore’s past.  Highlighting our experience with the BalikSG App One clever approach is to integrate kids’ natural affinity with technology with Singapore’s short but rich history. Where we can step into the…

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