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4-Year-Old Seems Fixated on Dark, Scary Scenarios – Parents Article

In this episode: A parent is perplexed that her 4-year-old continually engages her in made up stories where the protagonist is in physical danger, sick, “does a bad thing,” is mean, or had to call the police. While this mom believes her child’s interests are generally innocent, they’ve continued relentlessly for 6 months and she’s becoming exasperated. “Is this normal exploration?” she wonders. “How do we handle it?” Transcript of “4-Year-Old Seems Fixated on Dark, Scary Scenarios” Hi, this is…

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Be Careful What You Teach (It Might Interfere with What They Are Learning) – Parents Article

In this podcast: Janet responds to a question from a caregiver who says the family she works for is interested in teaching their son ABCs and other lessons. The child is sometimes disinterested and refuses to participate, and she wonders: “Is there a respectful approach to teaching children?” Janet responds with an alternative perspective on early childhood learning that focuses on providing the best foundation possible for children to develop their innate abilities and a lifelong love of learning. Transcript…

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