All in good time – broke-single-dad – Single Dad, Parents Article

It hasn’t been plain sailing in the BSD household recently, and I’m squarely to blame. Youngest cub has made the quantum leap to being potty trained. A real milestone in the transition from toddler to child. I’m ever so proud of him; he even goes to the bathroom standing up, after observing daddy in some uncomfortably candid moments. I was conscious of this milestone as he entered the schooling system last September. His birthday is in late August and he…

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5 Life skills; kindness – broke-single-dad – Single Dad, Parents Article

Dictionary definition ‘The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate’ Adult perspective Maybe its just me, but kindness seems to be in short supply these days. It could the news outlets I watch but the media seems to be full of hateful intolerance. This is probably why I watch less news now! As an adult, I like to show random acts of kindness whenever possible, although this has become a bit of a balancing act. In my recent experience,…

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Peace on Earth Begins at Home – Parents Article

Peace on Earth Begins at Home… It’s a simple concept that can be shared with few words…and a video clip that’s less than a minute long. The message is short, the impact is huge. Peace on Earth begins at home… In the everyday little things we do. Kindness begets kindness. When we shine a light on what is right… We get more of it… And it spreads outwards in all directions. Be a peacemaker. Start now. Never stop. Create a…

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