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How to Build Immunity of Kids During Monsoon – 12 Things to Avoid During Rains – Parents Article

“Achoo!!!” Every mom dreads this sound. The moment my little one sneezes, there are thousands of things that cross my mind. “Where would she have caught this infection?”, “Is she allergic to something?”, “Should I give her Allopathic medicines or home remedies”, “How should I build her immunity”, “Are all the precautions I take are not enough?” and so on and so forth. If you were reading all the above blabbering of my mind, did you read that immunity thing?…

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How to Deal with Stress in Children – Common Causes and Solutions – Parents Article

Mili, a three-year-old, wanted to sleep even before her father returned from office. Not that she hates her father, but she is avoiding something these days. This change in behavior is quite recent. Do you want to know what is going in the mind of this little girl? She is quite stressed. What is that that is affecting her? The behavior of her parents is taking a toll on her health. No, her parents do not beat her nor do…

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So You Still Think ‘Sharing is Caring’? – Parents Article

One fine evening, your toddler carries her doll to the park. A doll is the fancy of many girls. One or two or many approaches your toddler to touch her and play with her. Your toddler does not agree at all. From “Please share your toy” to “You need to share your toy with others”, the conversation between you and your kid becomes slightly rude. Have you ever encountered this? I have and that too, umpteen numbers of times. How…

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